Medical schools in India require a mandatory psychiatry rotation during the final year. Residency training in adult psychiatry, offered in teaching and university hospitals to graduates who have completed the M.B.B.S (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Science), includes a 2-year course leading to a Diploma in Psychiatric Medicine and a 3-year course leading to an M.D. in Psychiatry: Board certification examinations for the above programs are mandatory after completion of residency training. Specific fellowship programs in child and adolescent psychiatry are not available, but residents with a specific interest often work in departments of child and adolescent psychiatry in order to gain exposure to child-related issues. Plans are under way to introduce child and adolescent fellowship programs at the university level, but the subspecialty of child and adolescent psychiatry has not yet been established. A department of child and adolescent psychiatry is available in only few centers. Subspecialties of pediatric psychiatry such as pediatric psychosomatic medicine have yet to be developed. Similarly, board certification in psychosomatic medicine does not exist.

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