The RANZCP determines the bylaws for training in psychiatry, including in the subspecialty area of child and adolescent psychiatry. In the past, consultation-liaison psychiatry was a mandatory 6-month rotation for trainees in child psychiatry. This expectation has been changed in recent years to a requirement that trainees see an unspecified number of such cases and select five cases that illustrate the trainee's breadth of experience. Trainees document the selected cases in their training logbooks. Under these training bylaws, consultation-liaison psychiatry is broadly defined and can include significant co-management between psychiatrists and general practitioners, pediatricians, or other nonpsychiatric health care workers.

Trainees wishing to commence training in child and adolescent psychiatry must have already completed at least 3 years of basic training in psychiatry with the RANZCP, including passing the college's written and clinical examinations. Although they take no further examinations, trainees must work in supervised practice for a period of 2 years, attend a formal education course throughout training, and complete detailed logbooks of their experience. Also, their supervisors must provide reports about the trainees to the college every 6 months. On the completion of this accredited training, trainees are eligible to receive a certificate of advanced training in child and adolescent psychiatry. Such training is also open to pediatric medicine trainees under the dual fellowships training program. This training takes a minimum of 7 years to complete, but results in certification as both a pediatrician and a child psychiatrist. Such dual fellows are in a unique position to practice psychosomatic medicine, but their practice is not limited to this specialty.

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