In a few training centers, medical students have formal lectures in pediatric psychosomatic medicine and are introduced to the psychiatric aspects of pe-diatric disorders, but they have no formal clinical exposure. Subspecialty training in child and adolescent psychiatry has yet to be developed. About 10 psychiatrists have received varying degrees of training in child and adolescent psychiatry and are developing services for children within their centers. However, residents in psychiatry do a rotation in child psychiatry for a minimum of 6 months. Some residents who are based in teaching and general hospitals have exposure to a small amount of pediatric consultation-liaison psychiatry depending on the number of referrals that are received during this 6-month period. Adult consultation-liaison psychiatry is a part of training for residents in psychiatry, and those residents in teaching and general hospitals have some exposure.

The faculty of psychiatry in the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria, the monitoring and examining body for postgraduate professional training in Nigeria, is currently reviewing a proposal for the commencement, hopefully in 2010, of postgraduate training in child and adolescent psychiatry. Within this proposal is a period of at least 6 months for pediatric consultation-liaison psychiatry training.

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