The penis has enormous symbolic importance to all men, as well as being important for sexual function and micturition. Surgical treatment of penile cancer is often mutilating and will inevitably affect both of these functions, and will have additional psychological impact. Currently the data describing these changes, together with the accompanying effects upon quality of life are poorly documented, and the data that exist are generally of poor quality, in that it is usually retrospective, uncontrolled, and performed in small numbers of patients. We still need to know more about the functional and psychological effects of conservative treatments and also the effects of radical and conservative surgery for penile cancer in order to counsel our patients. The impact of penile cancer on sexual function and quality of life should be addressed soon after diagnosis and information resources made available to the patients in order to prepare them psychologically.

Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction

Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction

Whether you call it erectile dysfunction, ED, impotence, or any number of slang terms, erection problems are something many men have to face during the course of their lifetimes.

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