Histological Subtype

The value of histological subtypes as a prognostic factor has been established in several studies.9,10,141 Some SCC subtypes, such as verrucous and pseudohyperplas-tic carcinomas and carcinoma cuniculatum, are associated with an extremely low, even null, metastatic rate.9,10,12 Other subtypes, including sarcomatoid, basaloid, pseudoglandular, and high-grade usual carcinomas, are intrinsically more aggressive and present with nodal involvement and systemic dissemination.9,10,13,15,18,53 A third group is composed of tumors with intermediate aggressiveness and includes low-grade usual, warty, and papillary SCO10,49,50 Histological subtyping should always be accompanied with histological grade, anatomical level of infiltration, and presence of vascular/perineural invasion.

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