The primary aim of oncological treatment is to eradicate the underlying cancer with minimal morbidity to the patient. Besides adequate treatment of the disease, accurate follow-up is essential. Ideally, a follow-up schedule should reflect the pattern of recurrence and should be able to detect a tumor recurrence at the earliest stage, while causing the least possible burden to the patient and the healthcare system. The other important subgoals of oncological follow-up are to facilitate audit, support the psychological well-being of the patient and his relatives in coping with the disease and the education of healthcare professionals. Those against follow-up point to the fact that standard follow-up is often unable to pick up curable recurrences. An insight into the patterns of recurrence is essential in order to provide the most optimal follow-up schedule. In this chapter, we discuss follow-up schedules according to the different treatment settings used in penile carcinoma.

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