Surgical Procedures to Gain Additional Penile Length

A number of techniques can be utilized in order to gain additional penile length.

1. The penis can be completely degloved and this allows division of the suspensory ligament. Reattachment to the inferior pubic bone with 2/0 ethibond sutures ensures that the penis does not retract back (Fig. 7.6).

2. Where there is a prominent peno-scrotal web, a scrotoplasty can be performed which again allows the patient to hold on to the penile shaft and direct voiding while standing.10

3. In patients with a prominent suprapubic fat pad either liposuction or a suprapubic fat pad excision can be performed.

4. If the penile stump continues to retract, a malleable penile prosthesis can maintain penile length sufficient to allow the patient to void.

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