Tumor Thickness

Tumor thickness is usually measured from the top of the tumor to the deepest tumor cell and reported in mm.31 Its ability to predict node involvement is controversial. The percentage of metastatic nodes reported ranged from 22% to 44%, in patients with tumor thickness <5 mm and from 38% to 57% in those with tumor thickness >5 mm. Velazquez et al. studied 134 patients with a tumor thickness of 5-10 mm and in this group of patients they reported that the high-grade tumors with perineural involvement were those with the highest risk of node involvement.33

Five-year cancer-specific survival rates were reported to be 56-78% in patients with tumor thickness <5 mm and 48-64% in those >5 mm.

How To Reduce Acne Scarring

How To Reduce Acne Scarring

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