Anthropometrics Creatinine Clearance Formulas

Formulas for Estimating Creatinine Clearance in Patients With Stable Renal Function

Cockroft-Gault Formula

Adults (age 18 years and older)1:

CrCl (females) 0.85 x above value*

CrCl (females) 0.85 x above value*

*Some studies suggest that the predictive accuracy of this formula for women is better without the correction factor of 0.85.

where CrCl is creatinine clearance (in mL/minute), Crs is serum creatinine (in mg/dL [or |imol/L divided by 88.4]), age is in years, and weight is in kilograms.

Children (age 1-18 years) :

where BSA is body surface area (in m ), CrCl is creatinine clearance (in mL/minute), SCrs is serum creatinine (in mg/dL [or p,mol/L divided by 88.4]), and height is in centimeters.

Formula for Estimating Creatinine Clearance From a Measured Urine Collection


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