Avoid these foods and medications for 3 days prior to test

In addition, imaging of the colon with a sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy, or double-contrast barium enema is required every 5 to 10 years in most individuals. Colono-scopy is the preferred procedure as it allows for greater visualization of the entire colon and simultaneous removal of lesions found during screening.18 A sigmoidscopy only examines the lower half of the colon, and a double-contrast barium enema requires a supplemental colonoscopy to remove any lesions found during the screening process. Several revisions to the colorectal cancer screening guidelines have been made in an attempt to increase the compliance to screening guidelines. These include the use of computed tomographic colonography (CTC) and stool DNA testing as acceptable screening methods. CTC, also known as "virtual colonoscopy," uses integrated 3D and 2D images to detect and characterize polyps. Although noninvas-ive compared to colonoscopy, adequate bowel preparation, which is often cited as the reason for noncompliance, is still required. In addition, any lesions found on examination require a follow-up colonoscopy.

Stool DNA testing detects molecular markers associated with advanced colorectal cancer. Because this test is not dependent on the detection of bleeding, which can be sporadic, it requires only a single stool collection. How often and what molecular markers to test for are undergoing further evaluation. Table 91-3 is a summary of the current American Cancer Society guidelines for screening and surveillance for early detection of colorectal polyps and cancer.18

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