Clinical Presentation and Diagnosis of Rotavirus Infection40

• Incubation period of 2 days

• 2- to 3-day prodrome of fever and vomiting

• Profuse diarrhea without blood or leukocytes (up to 10-20 stools per day)

• Severe dehydration

• Presentation in adults may vary from asymptomatic to nonspecific symptoms of headache, malaise, and chills to severe diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.

• Diagnosis can be made by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) of the stool.

Table 76-4 Agents Responsible for Acute Viral Gastroenteritis and Diarrhea

Viml PrakAgE PukTimr Duntinn Tiinimiuinii Symptoms flot*vlnii 6 months-? invars Winter 3-6 days Fecal-atil, water, food Oaritmi,vomiting, fever,¿hitomirul pain

Emetic arjenovirus Le»ihan2yHrs meiMtKinO 7-9 flays Fewi-oiai DfciiTie&ries>riwrysyiiipKimi, vomiting, fever fcVflrni Ltii Ifijn 7 ywrs pinner 1 4-<Jjys I A wim. ihflltiih Wyniilrig, ilij itie^ ijvef ¿booming pjln

Nfiof<liiiv.-i UrtjL'r rlijn iyt>aii Vdiuble 1.2-24 Ikxhs Feial ofj^kjodaeiiHiol hduwj. vomHirigi, diarrhea, alxJumiiial

McdiftKjfrom R("f, I

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