Clinical Presentation of NMSC Five Warning Signs of BCC

The appearance of some BCCs is similar to plaque, psoriasis, or eczema, and these benign disorders are included in the differential diagnosis.

• An open sore that bleeds, oozes, or crusts and remains open for 3 or more weeks

• A reddish patch or irritated area that may crust, itch, hurt, or persist with no noticeable discomfort

• A shiny bump or nodule that is pearly or translucent and may be pink, red, or white. In dark-haired people, it may be tan, black, or brown and can be confused with a mole

• A pink growth with slightly elevated, rolled border and a crusted indentation in the center

• A scarlike area that is white, yellow, or waxy with poorly defined borders Warning Signs and Symptoms of SCC5'26

• A wartlike growth, a persistent scaly red patch with irregular borders, or an open sore that crusts or bleeds

• An elevated growth with a central depression that bleeds occasionally. This growth type increases in size rapidly

• In situ SCC: red scaling macule or plaque

• Invasive SCC: firm or friable red papule or nodule covered with scale or crust

• Precursor of invasive SCC (actinic keratosis): scaly erythematous macule or papule on areas of chronic sun exposure

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