Corneal abrasions Treatment

Desired Outcomes

• Complete healing of the corneal abrasion with no scarring or vision impairment

• Prevent infection and pain

• Prevent corneal loss or corneal transplant

Clinical Presentation and Diagnosis of Corneal Abrasions Symptoms

• Photophobia

• Pain with extraocular muscle movement

• Foreign body sensation

• Recent ocular trauma

• Gritty feeling

• Headache Signs

• Excessive tearing

• Blepharospasm

• Blurred vision Diagnostic Test

Use sterile fluorescein dye strips and visualize the cornea under a cobalt-blue filtered light; abrasions appear green; ensure that no foreign body remains in the eye

Table 63-1 Ophthalmic Emergencies: Time to Follow-Up by Ophthalmologist

Immediate Consult

Required_Within 24 Hours_

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