Desired Outcomes

Multidisciplinary, regularly scheduled care is required over the lifetime of the SCD patient with the goal of reduction of complications and hospitalizations. Comprehensive care should include medical, educational, and psychosocial aspects as well as genetic and medication counseling.

Therapeutic interventions for SCD should be targeted at preventing and/or minimizing the symptoms related to the disease and its complications. The goals of treatment are to reduce or eliminate the patient's symptoms; decrease the frequency of sickle crises, including vasoocclusive pain crises; prevent the development of complications; and maintain or improve the quality of life through decreased hospitalizations and decreased morbidity. Specific therapeutic options may:

• Maintain or increase the hemoglobin level to the patient's baseline

• Increase the HbF concentration

• Decrease the HbS concentration

• Prevent infectious complications

• Prevent or effectively manage pain

• Prevent CNS damage, including stroke

The Prevention and Treatment of Headaches

The Prevention and Treatment of Headaches

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