Enterobiasis, or pinworm infection, is caused by Enterobius vermicularis. It is the


most widely distributed helminthic infection in the world. ' There are approximately 42 million cases in the United States, primarily affecting children. The most common manifestation of the infection is cutaneous irritation in the perianal region, resulting from the migrating female or the presence of eggs. The intense pruritus may lead to dermatitis and secondary bacterial infections. Diagnosis is made by the use of a perianal swab and cellophane tape sampling, which will aid in egg identification.


The three agents that are administered for enterobiasis include pyrantel pamoate, mebendazole, and albendazole. The oral dose of pyrantel pamoate is 11 mg/kg (maximum: 1 g) as a single dose that can be repeated in 2 weeks. The oral dose of mebendazole for both adults and children older than 2 years of age is 100 mg as a single dose.

This may be repeated in 2 weeks. Following treatment, to eradicate the eggs, all bedding and underclothing should be sterilized by steaming or washing in the hot cycle of the washing machine.

How To Deal With Rosacea and Eczema

How To Deal With Rosacea and Eczema

Rosacea and Eczema are two skin conditions that are fairly commonly found throughout the world. Each of them is characterized by different features, and can be both discomfiting as well as result in undesirable appearance features. In a nutshell, theyre problems that many would want to deal with.

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