Heent Perrl

Lungs: CTA B/L

Abd: Soft, nontender, nondistended, (+) bowel sounds, 5/10 pain on the epigastric region

Neuro: A&O x 3, cranial nerves intact, DTR 2+

Labs: WBC 9.9 x 103/mm3 (9.9 x 109L), hemoglobin 12.1 g/dL (121 g/L or 7.5 mmol/L), hematocrit 38.3%, platelets 108 x 103/mm3 (108 x 109L), aPTT 27.9 seconds, PT 12.4 seconds, INR 1.09

EGD: One ulcer located on the antrum of the stomach measuring 3 cm in diameter; no bleeding or obstruction noted

Given this information, what is your assessment of the patient's condition?

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