• Urine and blood cultures x 2: Negative

• Sputum culture: 3+ P. aeruginosa Sensitivity Report:

Cefepime sensitive (MIC = 1)

Ceftazidime sensitive (MIC = 1)

Piperacillin/taz sensitive (MIC = 4)

Imipenem resistant (MIC greater than 64)

Gentamicin sensitive (MIC = 1)

Amikacin sensitive (MIC = 0.5)

Ciprofloxacin resistant (MIC greater than 4)

What information suggests improvement in the patient's condition?

Do any of the antimicrobial doses need to be adjusted for changes in organ function?

Should antimicrobial therapy be modified based on the culture results? Can the antimicrobial therapy be converted from IV to oral therapy?

Blood Pressure Health

Blood Pressure Health

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