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.Medication cost I lisiory of medication nonadherence

From Ref.31.

Following is a list of six questions that can be asked when assessing medication

adherence :

1. How do you take your medications?

2. How do you organize your medications to help you remember to take them?

3. How do you schedule your meal and medication times?

4. How do you pay for your medications?

5. How do you think the medications are working for your condition?

6. How many times in the last week/month have you missed a dose?

Although no one intervention has found to consistently improve adherence, patient-centered, multicomponent interventions such as combining education, convenience aid, and serial follow-up have resulted in positive impact on medication adherence and

associated health outcomes. Additionally, there is a need for adherence studies evaluating belief-related variables, including personal and cultural beliefs, in larger and more ethnically diverse samples of older populations.

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