Although many factors contribute to the etiology of diaper rash, it is most likely the result ofprolonged contact of the skin with urine and feces in the diaper. If a diaper is not changed soon after urination or defecation, the protective layer of the skin can break down and make the area more susceptible to irritation and infection from

the contents of the diaper. While most mild cases of diaper rash present as erythema, moderate to severe cases can result in the formation of papules, vesicles, and even ulceration. If these cases are not effectively treated, the likelihood of secondary fungal

or bacterial infections developing is greatly increased.

How To Deal With Rosacea and Eczema

How To Deal With Rosacea and Eczema

Rosacea and Eczema are two skin conditions that are fairly commonly found throughout the world. Each of them is characterized by different features, and can be both discomfiting as well as result in undesirable appearance features. In a nutshell, theyre problems that many would want to deal with.

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