Patient Encounter 1 Part 1

A 52-year-old man was admitted to the hospital for abdominal surgery. He developed complications postoperatively and was intubated 6 days ago. The nurses note an increase in the amount and purulence of his sputum. Attempts yesterday and today to wean the patient off the ventilator have failed. He is sedated but does respond to commands. His temperature is 38.4°C (101°F), his blood pressure is 120/84 mm Hg, and his WBC is 14.2 x 103/mm3 (14.2 x 109/L) with a cell differential of 76% neutrophils, 4% bands, 16% lymphocytes, and 4% monocytes.

What are his signs and symptoms of pneumonia?

What are the top three organisms that could be causing the pneumonia?

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