Patient Encounter 1 Part

KK is a 69-year-old, obese female who fell on her way to church and fractured her right hip. She is hospitalized and will undergo surgery to repair her fractured right hip.

PMH: Hypertension x 12 years; dyslipidemia x 10 years; obesity x 20 years; degenerative joint disease x 5 years; recurrent urinary tract infections

FH: Nonsignificant

SH: Smoked half a pack per day for 25 years; occasional alcohol use. The patient has Medicare, but due to her fixed income, has difficulty paying for medications, leading to occasional periods of noncompliance

Current Meds: Metoprolol 100 mg by mouth twice daily; hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg by mouth daily; simvastatin 40 mg by mouth daily; salsalate 750 mg by mouth twice daily; trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole SS tablets by mouth twice daily for 7 days (last treatment was 1 month ago); shark cartilage three tablets by mouth daily; enteric-coated aspirin 81 mg by mouth daily; ginseng two tablets by mouth daily

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