Patient Encounter 1 Part 2

The 17-year-old patient with signs and symptoms of meningitis underwent lumbar puncture. Initial results from CSF studies are WBC 2.2 x 103/mm3 (2.2 x 109/L) with 87% PMNs, protein 320 mg/dL (3,200 mg/L), glucose 10 mg/dL (0.56 mmol/L). Gram stain shows gram-negative diplococci and culture results confirm N. meningitidis infection. While in the ED, her clinical status deteriorated and her BP dropped to 85/60 mm Hg. She was transferred to the ICU for close monitoring.

Given this patient's clinical deterioration and identification of this pathogen, what complications should she be monitored for?

How can her antibiotic regimen be streamlined at this time? How long should the antibiotics be continued?

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