Patient Encounter 2

BB, a 34-year-old white woman with generalized SAD is transferring her care to your clinic. She has been maintained on diazepam 10 mg twice daily for the past 4 years for her SAD. She states that her current therapy has her anxiety under control, and she is performing her duties as an office manager without problems. She has joined a gym recently and is attending a church social for single women once monthly. She has noticed she has difficulty thinking "sharply" and is more forgetful. She occasionally feels sad and becomes tearful but is usually able to "pick herself up." She is moderately overweight (BMI 29) with no other current medical problems. Denies ethanol or other substance use.

Develop a treatment plan for this patient. Include (a) goals of therapy, (b) a detailed therapeutic plan, and (c) a monitoring plan for recommended therapy.

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