Patient Encounter 2

A 36-year-old female who has been in good health presents to your clinic complaining of constipation and abdominal pain. She explains to you that she has been feeling stressed lately because her 40-year-old sister is undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer and they just lost their mother to ovarian cancer a few years ago.

Does she have a hereditary risk factor?

What screening tools could be used to monitor this patient?

Identify the treatment options for prevention of ovarian cancer available to this patient?

Transvaginal ultrasound (TVUS) is a component of current screening practices. Typically, it is used in combination with CA-125 or could be used as a single modality. TVUS releases sonic sound waves that create an image of the ovary to evaluated the size, shape, and detect the presence of cystic or solid masses. Limitations of this technique are lack of specificity and an inability to detect peritoneal cancer or

cancer in normal size ovaries. ' Most prevention clinics use this multimodality approach to screen high-risk women and recommend yearly ultrasound in combination with CA-125 blood test every 6 months.

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