Patient Encounter 3

A gentleman presents to a community pharmacy with his 16-month-old daughter who recently developed a rash in her diaper area. He states that besides trying to keep the area clean and dry and changing her diapers more frequently than usual, he has tried to treat it with zinc oxide for the past 2 days. He says the rash is bright red, has persisted for 3 or 4 days and seems to be "spreading." Although there is no blistering or oozing, he thinks the rash must be painful because his daughter cries with every diaper change.

What reported symptoms support the diagnosis of diaper rash? Elicit additional information to aid in your assessment of this patient. What are your treatment goals for this patient?

What nonpharmacologic and pharmacologic treatment options are available for this diagnosis?

Given the information presented, develop a treatment regimen for this patient including (a) a statement of the problem, (b) a patient-specific therapeutic plan, and (c) monitoring parameters to assess efficacy and safety.

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