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A 53-year-old African American man presents at your clinic complaining of new-onset cough. He has had several upper respiratory infections in the last 2 months, with occasional hemoptysis. He has consistently smoked 1.5 packs per day for the last 20 years. He has worked as a bartender at a local restaurant for most of his life.

What risk factors for lung cancer are present?

Calculate this patient S pack-year history.

Table 90-1 Diagnostic Tools

Technique Deittlpli-on

ViiUiCi/dlion CXH T he lean erpensiw visualization method In (he diagnosis of lung cancer. flej(f>ly accessible and dûKrtûl ittiuiiù sysh-ih* ÂdMitàlMïiMlOf COfWiit dyt Huwcvci. il öIIcti (fcti^li löüöiiSUwl ane-notcancetows and is na rapaWe (/ awessing lymph nodesiams CT More actuiile when providing Iniotmalicri on si/e, location and invasion (hanCXR. II is

(«oriiWVJed «part at iheîiiTKJdf<J*Oi!imr>iri möü öS« PÇT sçanmnçj Uses ambsiarfpca'led SF[Xjlo prç>dLH;e a Functional ImatfpofHw lungs. Cflklhjt aie actively giûwintj Hfl dividing use tFftHw amounts of qIuîûk- J**] theictoieijfce uf>mc<e S-FD6. r« ji fefjioni of fluoniscerife tan fcf visujlii«! in «ntens« lesörn PfT kinning (ofinfcified writiaCT scan k mo*e accurate than CT scan atones however, (he exact terie ai Pf T scanning iri siagifi^ add irtonicoring is uf* Kar. T lie apparent btnclii and common tôle In it^ing ü to evaluate mediastinal disease i*tien it can airtvf nte ih? minoi iew ny llJIIHj Sjn1 Ijlinil

Fine-nettle aspiration


A method cí «ciijoifig teils fiorn ine tumor vü inserttm oí ¿ simll-tos- needle Into ine lesion and aspirating. fo"rnonk used to evaluate lymph nodes or «her poorty Kfessible-sne^H has UKíddvdrUjyeül Mw¡ fjste< jndlKi invasiv*? (fun other biútny mMlödi, iKJUrtver, S dooi nan pr«er*f ine anchit« ture of i he Tumo< and rnjy letum teils día are undergoing ceil dejnli. v.fitch ne^ales hislologk analysis

AffcertpK tjrmtJ t, inset led [hmxjh ilv jirwjys Doesunine Use d Ihe lusjxtled lesion, einreihe lesion is-vtaiabrcd.anxJ an^cfwjtotlv^c.wneiaalkiivs rev a usmk? biipsyMe*v« technologies ineorpoiale fluorescente to diffeiemiate malgrui [ksuefnom pemaiignarH lesions

Core needle biopsy A mell'od ct attaining lissueand preserving the tumor archilecture. A liirgebcma ne«Se c inserted into j lesiOrt. MdlHi it íiílv i tíHO Of tiiSuO out Itut [hin tin be óvjlu.jl!I Thoiacentetís IiwoIum romoviil of I hud In the pleural cavlly iu a ncedk?. 1 he fluid then Is aiia^ied for píeseme

í jrnerous Wfc. T his pröiiAi« hjs low senility ¿lid dependí on HV-preserKeof a pfcurjl effuilcn

Spuiiktn cytology Cenvtsianfeioi.s oHk thai become dislodqed from the anway^ Intn che spuitun. Sputum ¿yiabgyisuseíJ because ¡i ¡i ma invjsjwt. Jlihougiti it has much loy»cr ¡tnuiriviiy foi Meiling «ncer

CXR.thCít í rJvíPET.posillWi flmiSítOniOrrtO^rJphv. fJiYrl Bivf 13,

Table 90-2 Lung Tumor Histopathology

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