Patient Encounter Part 1

RC, a 22-year-old nulliparous woman, presents to your clinic requesting information on contraception. You begin to take a history and determine that the patient is currently sexually active and is not using any method of birth control. Her past medical history is significant only for acne, and she takes no medications except occasional ibupro-fen for menstrual cramps. On further questioning, you discover that she has a positive family history of hypertension and coronary artery disease. As you discuss various contraceptive options with the patient, it is clear that she has a preference for an oral contraceptive agent.

What additional information do you need to know before recommending a contraceptive for this patient?

Based on the information provided by the patient, what oral contraceptive agent would you recommend for the patient and why?

What education would you provide to this patient regarding risks associated with oral contraceptive use?

Table 48-3 Contraindications to the Use of Combined Oral Contraceptives (COCs)

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