Patient Encounter Part 3 Modifying Treatment Plan

CH returns to the clinic 3 months later. The physician previously diagnosed him with OSA and RLS. He received a prescription for CPAPs for OSA and ropinirole 0.5 mg at bedtime for RLS at his last visit. Via phone calls, his ropinirole dose has been increased to 3 mg at bedtime. He has received moderate relief of his RLS symptoms, but on occasion, he still awakens and cannot fall back asleep. His sleepiness and RLS symptoms are improved: ESS 13/24.

Based on the information presented, recommend additional therapy for the patient.

What medications would you consider adding to reduce RLS symptoms and awakenings?

How would you assess the patient's CPAP therapy and adherence?

What precautions would you want to counsel the patient on about his therapy?

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