Patient Encounter Part 3

RH had a bone marrow aspiration performed on days 15 and 29 that showed morphologic remission. The MRD on day 29 was less than 0.1%. RH completed her induction therapy and started intensification therapy.

What is the significance of MRD?

What is the purpose of intensification therapy?

Table 95-8 Representative Chemotherapy Regimens for Adult ALL

Remission Induction

CjC Prophylami



Drug and Oose



Jjjug and Pose Pays_Drug. Dote, and jjrnmq

German Or Horlicr Regimen (Adult)"

PrIEIJ [ofjliMJ mi>'m-

VCR [Ml.S mg/m-: fJNR (W) ÎS miyrir Ay |M iflgotiniifrtrv CÏKOVieMmg/m'* AiK W rsiKCin'



CiinUlKidbllon Mli (IT) lOmq/tïi-

utx (Oiill lOmg/m' VCfiflV]

l.i rrgAn" DCSidVl

J5 CTX (M 650 mgtm"

I.H. Wing/hi weekly, Wee*! lU-ia I.a, IS.;; and 29-UO

Courte II: farfy IntinikliEiition

MTX (IT) ISmq ClXflV) UK» mg/m MP (OrJl) CO rt^/in' Ara-C (SC) mgvlm WLR|)V)2mg AiifiO ÉJÛOO unllsAn-'

1 1 monfhly

1-4,0-11 days I -S monthly )i>.12 HIK(0h|2D mgylrn - djy* IS, 19,21 1, 8, li,2î monthly )J MF1 CJr.iD fifi rmiAn-ikh-i

Imort My

Indorton cl*fncuh*fApy (a uaik-nrsynnitr iFw c* equal to eo ycvtUust: CÏKM aoc mg/fiv' I DNRIV) »mgirtV M

Cr.inLjl IrratfcslfUfi MTX<m is UK) JUIP- fmç/rr,-'


Course IV: III« kntcnitficitlch oo* iiu) 30 mgrtn KJWillli)

CIH<M unoirçtrt

TG (Ordl)iti nvjvïn


ASP M^wijiiid'J1, C. ( yLjrjbine; CA1.G6, CanMi jntl Ltfukemia Clrtmp 1 CTX,{ycbphosphaanide; DE X, dexdmi'lhjioiie; DMA, daumr ubfcirt IT, inrra(hç<3t;M^ mwiPMHJMniv MTX, mçlhcniPMii; PPfCi prednisone SC, WhlillKWii Tti, îM^iuaiï rv\ VfH.

hfctw D, Tlild £, Ludwlg al. Fc*owup of <hc firtl two succ-oiilm; German muNfeanrre trials fot adulr ALL (01A1I and Leukemia 1993;ïlii(iCPl 2*130-1^

'Maximum finite (JOTft îmij. Minimum single dcr*. 1$ mq. :Msamum ilnqle rtçnft 1j000 mg.

'L.lirai lîA. Dodge HK. flurniCP,e4 ni. A fh-p drutj lemiiafcin inducion rftjimcn wnh incriTH-.o comoidatlon ter àdulti whfi y.uLi ■ lymphocytic iHtefflilCMKH and kMAcmij Gioup B «udy 6811 Bfcrad

Aild)jteiJ from UmIIiit HLetfcCfl B. Acuie t'uk-inidi. k* DiPinlX TJlfctrl RL, YmGC« Jl- fetW PtUrmùiCfliiCiiWy: A PathCffiyiiûlOylt: Appcisch. erh ed. Maw Ht?*: UcCjisw-HKt ÎÛ05; Îl9l-?Î11

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