VS: BP 134/82 mm Hg, P 80 bpm, RR 20/min, T 35.8°C (96.4°F), wt 60 kg (132 lb), ht 64 in. (163 cm), BMI 22.7 kg/m2 HEENT: EOMI; mucosal membranes are moist; no evidence of jugular venous distention; no palpably enlarged cervical lymph nodes

Lungs: Barrel-shaped chest; hyper-resonant on percussion bilaterally; lung sounds are distant, no rhonchi or crackles.

CV: RRR, normal Si S2; no murmur, gallop, or rub

Abd: Soft, nontender, no hepatosplenomegaly

Ext: No cyanosis, edema, or finger clubbing; evidence of onychomycosis on all fingernails

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