VS: BP 138/82, P 88, RR 16, T 37.0°C (98.6°F), oral HEENT: No papilledema, no neck stiffness CV: RRR, normal S1, S2, no MRG Chest: CTA

Abd: Benign, bowel sounds positive Neuro: Nonfocal

Labs: CBC and chemistry panel within normal limit What is your assessment of this patient's condition?

What medical comorbidities or drug therapies may be contributing to her distress? Identify treatment goals for this patient.

What nonpharmacologic options are needed at present, and what options are appropriate in the long-term for this patient?

What pharmacologic therapy would you recommend for this patient in the acute setting?

Does this patient require long-term pharmacologic prophylaxis against recurrent headaches?

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