Gen: Tired-appearing, moderate distress, appears uncomfortable

VS: BP 102/60 mm Hg, P 88 bpm, RR 14 breaths per minute, T 38.2°C (100.8°F), wt 62 kg (136 lb)

HEENT: Thick, purulent green-brown postnasal discharge; nasal mucosal irritation and edema; facial pain (right maxillary) and upper molar hypersensitivity upon tapping; no oral lesions; erythematous pharynx with mild tonsillar hypertrophy

What information is suggestive of ABRS?

What risk factors are present?

What other diagnostic studies, if any, should be performed? What are the treatment goals for this patient?

Create a care plan for this patient that includes nonpharmacologic and pharmacolo-gic therapies and a monitoring plan.

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