QRS complex, 159/, 159-160

QT interval, 159-160, 159/

Quadrigeminy, 176

Quality of life, of cancer patient, 1446

Quassia, 2061

Quazepam dosage of, 716t in insomnia, 716t pharmacokinetics of, 716t Quetiapine adverse effects of, 638, 638t, 684 in Alzheimer's disease, 603 in bipolar disorder, 677t, 684 dosage of, 637t, 638, 677t drug interactions of, 646t, 955t mechanism of action of, 638 metabolism of, 646t, 647 in Parkinson's disease, 562 in schizophrenia, 635, 637t, 638, 644t Quinacrine dosage of, 1295 in giardiasis, 1295 Quinapril dosage of, 92t, 121/ in heart failure, 92t in ischemic heart disease, 121t Quinidine allergic drug reactions, 929t in arrhythmias, 1621, 179

diarrhea with, 376t drug interactions of, 169t, 205t, 17, 647, 660t, 955t GERD with, 259t in malaria, 1300-1301 mechanism of action, 162t Quinine dosage of, 1300-1301 in malaria, 1300-1301 Quinolones drug interactions of, 321 teratogenic effects of, 743 Quinupristin in infective endocarditis, 1249t dosage of, 1249t Quinupristin-dalfopristin dosage of, 1231t in diabetic foot infections, 1229t in infected pressure sores, 1231t in infective endocarditis, 1245 Q waves, 132

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