Resolution of infection

• Resolution of corneal inflammation

Table 63-7 Risk Factors for Bacterial Keratitis

Exogenous Factors

Contact lenses Loose sutures Previous corneal surgery Previous ocular or eyelid surgery Trauma Ocular Surface Disease

Abnormal lid anatomy or function Misdirection of eyelashes Ocular infection (e.g., conjunctivitis, blepharitis) Tear film deficiencies Systemic Conditions Atopic dermatitis Connective tissue disease

Debilitating illness (e.g., malnourishment or respirator dependence) Diabetes mellitus

Factitious disease (including anesthetic abuse) Gonococcal infection Immunocompromised Stevens-Johnson syndrome Substance abuse Vitamin A deficiency Medications Anesthetics Antimicrobials

Contaminated ocular medications Glaucoma medications Preservatives Steroids

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