Risk factors

• Prolonged exposure to sweaty clothing

• Excessive skin folds

• Sedentary lifestyle

• Walking barefoot in public areas

• Poor nutrition

• Diabetes mellitus

• Immunocompromise

• Impaired circulation

Table 83-5 Signs, Symptoms, and Risk Factors of Superficial Fungal Infections


^yniptomi. ^igni. ana Hti-K j-actors

TirtM pedis

I -vajnanuun


Tlnss corpoli

Tinsatmbae 1 irwj c apil n


(lirej unguium}

Invofvus pLji ii :r >ui UtL1 jnd inlnijiyiul spaces u4 foci lii[i::Lln.iiij| Infeellort; pioctme tolling: piesents as fhujiP1., sciillntj. or macerated sU\:angcui behvewi any Iocs tu! most dim bclvvttYi lounh and filth IOCS: nwy (dust foul SiTiei dut »superinfection with JVrjrfflOiOfwi a dlpMhuptt

HyperkcTdtotiC kifctliom pitttnt wilh sifucrynfliilfi-scales oil a Uittox.'dL led bust; uaudHy covers tffliic foot; occasionally miyjfcoaiiai hand

Vcytutebntouilixu pedis p«cnti jft puslules or vesicles on iotcsoi fctl; jsiociaflod v-i1h maceration, itching, ■irvl tiklufTilrig rftok; miy cause lymphangitis anil < ellulirls; most common lIuii h) sunurvr nncmhs UkcHatiro tinea i*.tlis prostnlsa: macerate, denuckd. and wctDing ukcrs on solos; "lay producc extreme o>.n ,lfiih■ii.:-j:in [/¡r!:i'!(].:Ill,il typically (CMHplk ."ill .! hy OppOimniUiC giinvfkhj/ilr.v'iiilVilrtm,

Risk (actors include occlusive fool weai. fool trauma, and use of public showeis

Inflection ni ihe iriii^nii'iir.il and pofmai luil.ves

Presents js while u ales in pjlmar lotds; may a ho develoji it ales c»i remaind!* of palm may prevailasijiguldi pljgua rAone commonly affecting only one hand pititnis vrthHyperfceiiiait Skin

Bieitr^; with fiHlm.'.Hi papules and puSTulef on the medial Kitjh ,ir*1 im^i ml folds Riiiged l«iiO"isrtWly intend (ram inyurial row <jdjji£fvi ¡ni*.Li thigh Lesiora usually spare the penis and sc lolum, In oontrast to candidal Frfl^uefliyini rftitC'tdudncj summit PuinaiJydevelops in young men fink factors inclurte 1k)hr fining clothing, excessive sweating, poor hyri ^ne, increased humidity and temperatures CWTWly itfei'CO 10 i i jOCk in h ftrenls with clrculai, scaly patch wih enlarged txxdn

Lesion* mjy hij-.i? red pspuieic* piititfe in tenner ihjicieark leaving hypcpi(jmefiiat>5fi ty hyperpigmenmio« Itching may be present

Commonly referied id as rlngwtirm of the body Risk factors iKlutic jniiimio human contact

Characterized by sun deptgmertaiicn bill can pewnl as hyperpigminiaiiori, panic Lilarly in Oaifc-stinned patients

Typically occurs ¡nanus withsebntuuusglanth. incHidiny :iunk. ai*J aaifiS

npptgmentaliorniay per-Jsl lor humaiily develop; in^iiunginct mtfcHe-afieddduii

Risk factors include application ol oilgieasyskj>vl»yli Jintsum Temperature. f»gli relative humidity, tig Hi fitting dcxhing, immu<K>3e<ii:>erK:yJ malnutrition, heiedhary oedisposiciori

Infection of beam area

Inlet Ikxi of the head and scalp hf.iy beaSiymptgrnadc miliallyjlied ptogwwef iftinflamimaTOiyalopfi'rt 'Black dot" alopecut may develop due It? tut1 jtago of hjii at (hi rod May form kerlons (nodulai swelling^ Si jjintf or fiv«S m&f (JflvCtOP on StJlp Cervical Cymphadenopalhy is common ftunanly hxind in InfantSi children, indyotinc] jKlofncemi, often InAfilcinAmertcjninrt Mispinh; population; C jh be sprfinJ from pe<siin icfpciscn 01 ji^ji do pcrsim

Infection of r-^il pfaleand heri

N.n becomos opjqur. thkt iouyh. yellow, and Iriabki rail may n'paiatclrtjm bttl feanife illieltd aim haqtMfniy ttan fiiw^enviis Rievalence increases with advanced age

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