Mood and Affect:

• Mood elevation

• Expansive mood

• Irritable mood

• Depression

• Hopelessness

• Suicidality


• Impulsivity

• Aggression

• Rapid, pressured speech

• Decreased need for sleep

• Insomnia (sometimes for days or weeks)

• Hypersexuality

• Increased physical energy

• Inflated self-esteem, boasting, grandiosity

• Heightened interest in pleasurable activities with high risk of negative consequences (spending sprees, promiscuity, etc.)

• Hypersomnia

Thought Processes, Content, and Perceptions:

• Racing thoughts, FOI, distractibility

• Delusions of grandeur, ideas of reference, persecution, wealth, religion

• Psychosocial

• Substance use

• Disrupted relationships

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