• Dry or foreign body sensation

• Photophobia

• Ocular irritation or soreness

• Blurry vision

• Contact lens intolerance

• Diurnal fluctuation

• Symptoms that worsen later in the day Signs

• Mucus discharge

• Increased blink frequency

Other Diagnostic Tests

• The tear break-up time test assesses the stability of precorneal tear film. Break-up times of less than 10 seconds are considered abnormal.

• Ocular surface dye staining assesses the ocular surface and will show blotchy or exposure-zone punctate areas in the dry eye.

• Schirmer's test evaluates aqueous tear production but is not diagnostic for dry eye. Results of 5 mm or less are considered abnormal.

• Assess corneal sensation if trigeminal nerve dysfunction is suspected.

• Evaluate for an autoimmune disorder if significant dry eyes or other signs and symptoms or family history are present.

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