Treatment Of Withdrawal Syndromes

© The treatment goals for withdrawal from ethanol, cocaine/amphetamines, and opioids include (a) a determination if pharmacologic treatment of withdrawal symptoms is necessary, (b) management of medical manifestations of withdrawal, such as hypertension, seizures, arthralgias, and nausea, and (c) referral to the appropriate program for substance abuse treatment. The desired outcomes in the treatment of withdrawal syndromes are to ensure patient safety, comfort, and successful transition from treatment of withdrawal to treatment of dependence. Referral to specialized treatment for substance dependence is strongly recommended following treatment for withdrawal syndromes, because treatment of withdrawal is not sufficient treatment to prevent relapse to problematic substance use. Achieving a drug-free state by detoxification and then rehabilitation with a focus on total abstinence is the ideal outcome.

Your Heart and Nutrition

Your Heart and Nutrition

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