Upon completion of the chapter the reader will be able to

1. Compare the risk for active tuberculosis (TB) disease among patients based on their age, immune status, place of birth, and time since exposure to an active case.

2. Design, evaluate, and assess an appropriate therapeutic plan for an immunocom-petent, immunocompromised, pregnant, and pediatric patient with pulmonary TB.

3. Assess the effectiveness of therapy in TB patients.

4. Describe the common and important adverse drug effects caused by TB drugs.

5. Select patients for whom therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) may be valuable and identify the necessary laboratory monitoring parameters for patients on antituberculosis medications.

6. Design, evaluate, and assess appropriate regimens for the treatment of latent TB infection (LTBI) in all patient populations.

7. Design a therapeutic plan for a patient with TB meningitis or TB osteomyelitis.

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