Fecal Occult Blood Test

The examining digit should be inspected. The color of the fecal material should be noted. The fecal material should be placed on the fecal occult blood test (FOBT) card and examined with the Hemoccult developer.

The guaiac or benzidine test detects occult blood. If blood is present, a chemical reaction results in a blue coloration on the card. The reaction is graded by the intensity of the blue color, from light blue (trace blood) to dark blue (4+ positive).

Although the examination for inguinal hernias is part of the abdominal examination, it is discussed in Chapter 18, Male Genitalia and Hernias.

Figure 17-35 Illustration of the rectal examination. A, The sphincter is relaxed by gentle pressure with the palmar surface of the examiner's finger. B, With the examiner's left hand spreading the patient's buttocks, examination is carried out with the examiner's right index finger.
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