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The interviewer should pay special attention to the family history of any woman presenting with symptoms of breast disease. As indicated earlier, breast cancer may be a familial disorder. The occurrence of breast disease in a close relative and the age at which it developed are relevant to the patient's disease. Ask the patient the following questions:

''Have you had a mammogram?'' If yes, ''When and what was the result?'' ''Have you had breast cancer?''

''Have you had breast cancer without the removal of your breast?'' ''Do you have breast implants?'' ''Have you had any breast biopsies or breast surgery?'' ''Have you ever had radiation treatments to your breasts?''

' 'Did your birth mother have breast cancer?'' If yes, ' 'Premenopausal or postmenopausal? At what age was her diagnosis made?''

''Do you have a sister or daughter with breast cancer?'' If yes, ' 'Premenopausal or post-menopausal? At what age was her diagnosis made?''

Do you use birth control pills?''

''Do you take estrogen replacement therapy?''

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