Determine the sex maturity ratings of the pubic hair and genitalia for male patients. Determine the sex maturity rating of the pubic hair for female patients.

The examiner should evaluate the patient and try to explain to him or her about the body changes that are related to normal puberty.

If an internal pelvic examination is necessary for a female adolescent, an extremely gentle approach is required. Use of a Pedersen speculum often renders the examination less uncomfortable. If the examiner is a man, a female nurse must be present; if the examiner is a woman, it is ideal if a female nurse is present.

How To Reduce Acne Scarring

How To Reduce Acne Scarring

Acne is a name that is famous in its own right, but for all of the wrong reasons. Most teenagers know, and dread, the very word, as it so prevalently wrecks havoc on their faces throughout their adolescent years.

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