Have Patient Lie Supine with Head of Bed Elevated About

Neck Vessels (Chapter 14, The Heart)

1. Inspect jugular venous wave form, right side.

2. Auscultate carotid artery, both sides.

3. Palpate carotid artery, each side separately.

Breasts, Male and Female (Chapter 16, The Breast)

1. Inspect breast, both sides.

2. Palpate breast, both sides.

3. Palpate subareolar area, both sides.

4. Palpate nipple, both sides.

Chest (Chapter 13, The Chest)

1. Inspect chest, both sides.

2. Evaluate chest excursion, both sides.

3. Palpate for tactile fremitus, both sides.

4. Percuss chest, both sides.

5. Auscultate breath sounds, both sides.

Heart (Chapter 14, The Heart)

1. Inspect for movements.

2. Palpate for localized motion, all four positions.

3. Palpate for generalized motion, all four positions.

4. Palpate for thrills, all four positions.

5. Auscultate heart sounds, all four positions.

6. Time heart sounds to carotid pulse.

*The examiner should now go to the front of the patient while the patient remains seated with legs dangling off the side of the bed.

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