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Interpretation is a type of confrontation that is based on inference rather than on observation. The interviewer interprets the patient's behavior, encouraging the patient to observe his or her own role in the problem. The interviewer must fully understand the clues the patient has given before he or she can offer an interpretation. The interviewer must look for signs of underlying fear or anxiety that may be indicated by other symptoms, such as recurrent pain, dizziness, headaches, or weakness. Once these underlying fears have been discovered, the patient may be led to recognize the inciting event during future interviews. Interpretation frequently opens previously unrecognized lines of communication. Examples are the following:

' 'Sounds as if you're scared.'' Are you afraid you've done something wrong?''

''I wonder whether there's a relation between your dizziness and arguments with your wife.''

Interpretation can demonstrate support and understanding if used correctly.

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