Pain In Buttocks Hips And Cal When Walking

Pain is the principal symptom of atherosclerosis. Whenever a patient complains of pain in the calf, arch of the foot, thighs, hips, or buttocks while walking, peripheral vascular disease of the arteries must be considered. The symptom of pain in the lower extremity during exercise is called intermittent claudication. The site of the pain is always distal to the occlusive disease. As the disease progresses, pain at rest occurs. This is often severe and is aggravated by cool temperatures and elevation, especially during sleep in bed. Pain may also occur with deep vein thrombosis.

If a male patient complains of buttock or thigh pain while walking, the examiner should inquire about erectile dysfunction. Leriche's syndrome is chronic aortoiliac obstruction;the patient presents with intermittent claudication and erectile dysfunction. In this condition, the terminal aorta and iliac arteries are involved by severe atherosclerosis at the aortic bifurcation.

Patients occasionally complain of bilateral leg pain or numbness that occurs while walking, as well as while resting. This is called pseudoclaudication and is a symptom of musculoskeletal disease in the lumbar area.

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