The Patient with Cancer

The patient with cancer has five major concerns: loss of control, pain, alienation, mutilation, and mortality. Loss of control makes this patient feel helpless. The knowledge of something growing uncontrolled within a patient's body creates frustration, fear, and anger. Suffering with pain is one of the most feared aspects of cancer. The feeling of alienation stems from the reactions of people around the patient.

Fears of mutilation are common among patients with cancer. The fear of being perceived as lacking ''wholeness'' contributes to depression and anxiety. The young woman with breast cancer who requires a mastectomy fears that she will be rejected as no longer being a complete woman. Supportive family members are the key in reassuring this patient that they will love her just as they have before her surgery. A diagnosis of cancer makes a patient aware of mortality and leads to intense fear of unremitting pain.

Family members and friends often express grief before death occurs. Resentment and anger may be directed toward the patient with cancer. Physicians often harbor feelings of inadequacy about these patients and have difficulty speaking with them. The patients are thus rejected by their own physician. The physician is afraid that the patient may ask some questions, perhaps about death, that the physician cannot handle. The physician must recognize his or her emotional and behavioral reaction and be realistic about the limitations of medical science.

The interviewer should allow the patient to vent anxieties and should promote dialogue. Listening to the patient enhances the doctor-patient relationship.

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

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