I am deeply indebted to Dr. Michael Newman, my internist and friend, and to Dr. Nicholas Constantinople, my urologist. Dr. Newman detected my cancer while my PSA (prostate specific antigen) was within normal limits and, with luck, still curable. Dr. Constantinople's kindness is exceeded only by his surgical skills. I would not wish prostate cancer on any man, but I would hope that anyone who is affected could have access to two such fine physicians.

Dr. Constantinople also provided useful comments on the manuscript, as did Halsey Beemer, Lew Bigelow, Stephen Hersh, Bob McGee, Brad Northrup, David Robinson, Michael Viola, and Isaiah Zimmerman. The book was much improved by their many suggestions.

I am grateful to Carlton Stoiber for contributing the excellent drawings and cartoons, thereby raising the book to a significantly higher level.

Several people responded readily to my queries, including Christina Duenas, David Miller, Alan Partin, and Thomas Stamey. Richard Atkins and Monica Alexander at the National Prostate Cancer Coalition and David McLeod and Jane Hudak at the Center for Prostate Disease Research were generous with their time and knowledge. In addition, I gratefully acknowledge the following:

Gordon Sheppard, for permission to quote from ''The Wondrous World of Prostate Cancer,'' an unpublished essay;

Geoff Barnard, for permission to quote from a private letter;

Mark Litwin, for permission to reprint the UCLA Prostate Cancer Index for Urinary Function;

Michael Dorso, for permission to quote from his Seeds of Hope;

Patricia Zline and Madison Books, for permission to quote from Adam's Burden, by Charles Neider;

The Estate of Anatole Broyard and Random House, Inc., for permission to quote from Broyard's Intoxicated by My Illness.

I am especially indebted to Jean Black, Senior Editor at Yale University Press, for believing in the book despite a plethora of other prostate books on the market. It has been a pleasure to work with her, as well as with Laura Davulis, Jessie Hunnicutt, and Margaret Otzel. The book was also much improved by the careful editing of Vivian Wheeler.

Judy Miller was once again a superb research assistant, fact checker, typist, and kind enforcer of correct grammar; the book is much better because of her help.

Most important, I am indebted to Halsey Beemer, Stephen Hersh, Robert Taylor, Sidney Wolfe, Bob Yolken, and other friends for their encouragement, and especially to Barbara Torrey for all of the above and more, much more. Being diagnosed with cancer is a defining experience, especially defining of one's supporters.

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