So What Should You Do

Taking into consideration everything that is known about the emergence and recurrence of prostate cancer, what should you do? Most important, realize that remarkably little is known with certainty, and what is unknown far outweighs what is known. Weigh quantity of life against quality of life. Making some dietary or lifestyle changes after being diagnosed with prostate cancer may not be difficult, whereas you may find making other changes to be quite hard.

I have modified my own diet modestly but not radically. I eat tomatoes in one form or another with each dinner, and I drink tomato juice with lunch. Red grapes are now a staple snack item in our home, always available. I have not given up red meat altogether but have continued to decrease my consumption of it, a trend I had begun several years before being diagnosed with prostate cancer. I increasingly drink green tea and may, if I live long enough, come to like it. I am exploring red wines and have been surprised to discover that many of them, especially the more expensive ones, are very good; my past experience was apparently limited by having bought only inexpensive ones. However, for me they will never completely replace fine Belgian ales or California porters.

I continue to take low-dose aspirin and multivitamins each day, as I had been doing for many years, although I switched from a multivitamin that had supplemental zinc to one without. I stopped taking supplemental vitamin E, based on the most recent cardiac study, and have not started taking supplemental selenium—although I will watch the emerging studies and could be persuaded to do so. Regarding soy and tofu, I draw the line and will wait until I discover a tasty chocolate chip cookie made from soy.


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