Standardisation international ISO

International standardisation of PPE is mainly carried out by ISO (International Standardisation Organisation, Geneva), an affiliation of standardisation organisations from over 90 countries worldwide. Only the principal national standardisation organisation in each country can be a member, i.e., Germany is

Table 2.7 International Standardisation Organisation ISO, Technical Committees in the field of PPE, TC Technical Committee, SC Subcommittee, WG working group


PPE field

TC 38

Respiratory protective devices

TC 94/SC 1

Head protection

TC 94/SC 3

Foot protection

TC 94/SC 4

Protection against falls from a height

TC 94/SC 12

Hearing protectors

TC 94/SC 13

Protective clothing

TC 188/WG 6


represented by DIN (Deutsches Institut for Normung). Standardisation of PPE at ISO takes place primarily in Technical Committee (TC) ISO/TC 94 with a series of subcommittees (SC) for different PPE types. Certain other committees, as ISO/TC 83 for sport and leisure equipment and ISO/TC 42/SC 1 for noise, are also of significance for special PPE types. Table 2.7 shows the most important ISO groups related to standardisation of protective textiles and clothing. The standardisation of protective clothing especially against electric risks (shock, arcing heat, electromagnetic radiation) is carried out in general by IEC (International Electrotechnic Commission, Geneva,

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