Wear comfort and material durability

Comfort is perhaps the next most important concern after CB. Therefore, the development and application of moisture vapor permeable membranes, water and oil resistant coatings, waterproof materials, flexible, elastic, thin, and lightweight materials, as well as those that have high tensile strengths and resistance to tear and puncture damage are being conducted to provide comfortable clothing for the user. Semipermeable (commonly referred to as 'breathable' or moisture vapor permeable) materials are preferred over impermeable materials because they reduce heat stress in warm climates and minimize hypothermia in cold climates. Water resistant coatings/functional finishes are used to minimize weight gain by water or other liquid adsorption. Waterproofing is to keep the individual dry when navigating in wet environments. If waterproof fabrics are used together with waterproof closures, the users will be kept dry when crossing streams and rivers. Materials that are thin, flexible, and lightweight offer textile comforts and ease of garment fabrication. Materials with high tensile strength, resistance to tears and puncture or that possess elasticity offer fabric durability.

Gaining Weight 101

Gaining Weight 101

Find out why long exhausting workouts may do more harm than good. Most of the body-building workout and diet regimens out there are designed for the guys that gain muscle and fat easily. They focus on eating less and working out more in order to cut the excess fat from their bodies while adding needed muscle tone.

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